Why Choose Sofia? - Sofia for 2015 and Beyond

We at Sofia are excited by the transformational steps our university has taken the last twelve months. As the world around us here in Silicon Valley has been transforming the world we live in and the technology we use, Sofia has now become the university that can build on its strong whole-person psychological foundation to give people an understanding of how to use the new technologies in wellness and how to use transpersonal psychology to build that technology to better relate to people and to build the high-tech companies that deliver that new technology.
To fulfill this vision, we added new university leadership that was grounded not only in our core of psychology, but also in the worlds of computer science and high tech companies. Once Sofia had that leadership in place, we added both computer science degrees and business degrees to give Sofia the three pillars we needed to be able to deliver an education that is really needed in the world we now live in.
We are also excited that this growth at Sofia gives a three-legged foundation for our university. And with this stronger foundation, Sofia can continue to stay in the forefront of technology in psychology, psychology in the building high-tech companies and transpersonal psychology overall.

Stories to Share:

Microsoft CEO: Satya Nadella; Pepsi Cola CEO: Indra Nooyi; MasterCard CEO: Ajaypal Singh Banga; Google CEO: Sundar Pichai

About Sanjay Mehrotra

This man built an $18 billion Silicon Valley company — after the US government almost didn’t let him in.

About Manoj Bhargava

An entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder and CEO of 5-hour Energy

Sofia History

Sofia is a leader in transpersonal research and transpersonal education of clinicians, wellness caregivers, and consultants who apply transpersonal principles and values in a variety of settings.

Our educational model offers our students not only a solid intellectual foundation, professional development, but an extraordinary opportunity for deep growth and personal experience of the subject matter. Our learning environments cater to your lifestyle and honor diversity and creative expression across all programs.

What is Transpersonal?

Sofia University has long explored the frontiers of psychology for the betterment of humanity and the sustainability of the planet.

Transpersonal psychology is full-spectrum psychology that encompasses a continuum of human experience and behavior ranging from severe dysfunction, mental and emotional illness at one end, to what is generally considered “normal”, healthy behavior at the other end and various degrees of normal and maladjustment in between – and then goes beyond it by adding a serious scholarly interest in the imminent and transcendent dimensions of human experience: exceptional human functioning, experiences, performances and achievements, true genius, states of consciousness, and how we might foster the fulfillment of our highest potentials as human beings.

Transpersonal psychologists work across disciplines and draw on insights from not only the various areas of psychology, but also the sciences of cognition, consciousness, and the paranormal; philosophy; social and cultural theory; integral health theories and practices; poetry, literature, and the arts; and, the world’s spiritual and wisdom traditions.

Programs Offered

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (BAC)
Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (BAC) concentration in Computer Science, Business & Leadership; Data & Business Analytics
Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS)
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (MACP)
Global Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology (GMATP)
Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology (MATP) concentration in Business & Leadership; Data & Business Analytics
Master of Education in Transformative Education (MEd)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Doctor of Philosophy in Transpersonal Psychology (Ph.D.)
Global Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (GPh.D.)


Robert Frager, Ph.D., is a Harvard-trained social psychologist. He is the founder of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, now called Sofia University in Palo Alto, California, where he is responsible for fund raising, aikido, strategic partnerships and academic advising. Frager is the past president of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology. Frager is renowned for his pioneering work in the field of transpersonal psychology and for his role in establishing the country’s first educational institution dedicated to transpersonal research and practice.

Sample Faculty & Faculty Emeritus Publications

The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys by James Fadiman, Ph.D.
Altered States of Consciousness by Charles Tart, Ph.D
Sufi Talks: Teachings of an American Sufi Sheihk by Robert Frager, Ph.D.
Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology by Multiple Contributors
The Evolution of Integral Yoga by Kundan Singh , Ph.D.
Forgive for Love: The Missing Ingredient for a Healthy and Lasting Relationship by Fred Luskin, Ph.D.
Personality and Personal Growth by Robert Frager, Ph.D. and James Fadiman, Ph.D.
Transpersonal Research Methods for the Social Sciences: Honoring Human Experience by William Braud, Ph.D. and Rosemarie Anderson, Ph.D.

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