Admissions Notes
  • Cal Poly Pomona- The California Forum for Diversity in Higher Education will take place on Saturday, April 26th from 9am – 3pm. Designed particularly to meet the needs of advanced undergraduates and master's candidates who belong to groups that are currently underrepresented in Masters and doctoral-level programs. 
  • April 24 – 25. Coffee shop meet and greet. A Sofia counselor will be in Southern California. 
  • PsyD Information Session Thursday, April 10th 7:00pm – 8:30pm



  • Jul. 24 - Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (On-Campus: daytime and evening)
  • Aug. 9 - Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology (Hybrid: Face-to-Face/Online)
  • Sep. 3 - Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology (Hybrid: Face-to-Face/Online)
  • Sep. 11 - Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D) in Clinical Psychology (On-Campus)
  • Sep. 14 - Master of Arts in Spiritual Guidance (Hybrid: Face-to-Face/Online)
  • Sep. 14 - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Psychology with a concentration in Transpersonal Psychology (Hybrid: Face-to-Face/Online) 
  • Sep. 15 - Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology (On-Campus)
  • Sep. 15 - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Transpersonal Psychology (On-Campus)
  • Sep. 18 - Bachelor of Arts Completion Program (Hybrid: Face-to-Face/Online) 
  • Sep. 29 - Master of Arts in Women’s Spirituality (Hybrid: Face-to-Face/Online Program)

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