• cspace

    Sofia Incubator: C-Space

    Seeing Universal Opportunities
    Inspiring social entrepreneurs who turn vision into action

    Silicon Valley Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) Start Up Contest

  • cs

    Technological Development with Transpersonal Values

    New M.S. in Computer Science accredited by WASC in 2014
  • hwy280

    Transformative Life Coaching Certificate

    Help clients discover, clarify, and manifest their personal and professional goals.
  • 40th anniversary

    Sofia Turns 40

    Kick Off the Celebration Join us on August 1st, 2015 at Stanford Faculty Club for our Anniversary
  • buddha statue

    Transformative Education

    A Three-Pronged Approach: Academic + Professional + Personal Growth
  • San_Francisco_(Evening)

    Innovation in the Heart of Silicon Valley

    Transformative Technology Laboratory
  • lotusposition

    Clinical and Spiritual Psychology

    Counseling, Spiritual Guidance, Clinical Psychology
  • Build-a-Better-World

    Beyond Ego Through Transpersonal Studies

    Build a better world together!