Most students who are enrolled in hybrid: face-to-face/online programs will attend two seminars every year. The six-day sessions are generally held in California and are designed to support your progress by providing a setting for community building and establishing deep connections with your peers.

In a beautiful retreat-like setting, students will examine transpersonal theory and practice interspersed with course introductions, meditation, movement, body awareness processes, group interaction, creative expression, rituals, and student advising time.

Full-day passes for keynote presentations are available to the general public. Seminar Registration Forms and a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to include lodging costs, travel information, amenities, etc., are posted 2-3 months prior to each seminar.

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For more information on the upcoming Hybrid Master’s Seminar visit: MATP Seminars

Seminar Travel & Logistics

Seminars are held during the year for hybrid: face-to-face/online programs to bring together faculty, students, administration, and the greater community for a six-day experience that inspires, facilitates, and supports individuals, develops community, and builds upon the coursework throughout the program.

Seminar Attendance/Schedule

Seminars are an integral part of the hybrid program curricula and therefore full attendance is necessary. Students enrolled in hybrid Ph.D. programs are required to attend a fall and winter seminar from enrollment through the first term of year 5. Students enrolled in the Master of Transpersonal Psychology/Certificate program should attend an “Opening Seminar” upon enrollment (fall or winter term), followed by a “Closing Seminar” one year later. Seminar schedules typically begin at noon on the first scheduled date of the session. The following days typically start at 7:30 a.m. and conclude at 9:30 p.m. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks are scheduled throughout the day.


Sofia currently hosts seminars at the Presentation Center in Los Gatos, California.  Housing costs range from $650 – $750 which includes three daily meals. For those not staying at the retreat center, costs are $290 – $450 (lunch/dinner).  Sofia University will handle your reservation. Presentation Center


Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from each seminar. Nearby airports include (with distances to the Presentation Center):

  • San Jose Norman Mineta International Airport (SJC)—18 miles
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO)—44 miles
  • Oakland Airport (OAK)—48 miles

There are several shuttle services that will take you door-to-door from the airport to Presentation Center. The cost ranges from $49+ (SJC) to $200+ (SFO). Additionally you may choose to rent a car.

International Students

International students may need an I-20 document to enter the U.S. The I-20 is used to obtain F class immigration status (student) upon entry to the U.S. If you are able to enter the U.S. under another status and that status allows for study, you do not need to request the I-20. You are responsible for maintaining your immigration status while present in the U.S. To request an I-20 form, contact  It will be issued for the duration of the seminar. A new request is required for each entry.


Seminar registration forms will become available on the seminar page in the weeks leading up to the scheduled session. Receipt of your registration will be acknowledged within 48-72 hours. A confirmation packet will be sent after the form is signed-off by accounting, the registrar, and financial aid (if applicable). Enrolled students do not pay the tuition fee for the seminar; it is included in the quarterly tuition payment.

Financial Aid

Financial aid must be secured and in place before you can authorize use of excess financial aid funds to pay for your seminar housing option. Continuing students: (a) confirm amount with financial aid office; (b) submit difference (if any); and, (c) indicate by signing in payment section of the registration form. Newly enrolled students: you must include a valid credit card with request for use of excess financial aid funds prior to matriculation. If financial aid is not secured and in place 7 days before seminar, the credit card will be charged to cover the housing option. Furthermore, if the student ultimately does not take the financial aid funds, any outstanding charges, including seminar tuition and room and board, will be charged against the credit card. Dates for each seminar are posted one year in advance. Specific seminar themes, registration forms, other necessary information are posted to the Sofia website 2-3 months in advance of each seminar.