Program Completion Options
Students are required to complete an approved program plan of 54 Quarter Units comprised of

  • 14 Sofia Core units:
  • 6 units of Cornerstone Project work,
  • 18 Units of Business Fundamentals
  • 16 Units of Concentration Electives

Students will have flexibility as to how they schedule their coursework.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are an international student who will require an F1-I20, please be advised that this program is not yet eligible for the F1-I20. However our Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology with a Concentration in Business program is eligible for the F1-I20 and CPT.

Transfer Credits/Waivers

Depending upon a student’s previous academic background, the Business Fundamentals courses may range from 0 to 18 units. A student who has earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration within the past six years from an accredited college or university may be able to have Business Fundamentals courses waived. The program will also issue waivers on a course-by-course basis if courses have been completed within the past six years. Each equivalency is determined by course content, grade received (B+ or higher), and the amount of time elapsed (six years or less) since the course was completed. Students will also have an option to take a third party administered exam to demonstrate equivalency.

MBA Program Completion Window

A student who takes 9-Units per quarter could complete the program in 6 quarters. An exceptional student who has waived courses in business fundamentals, and completes more than 9 units per quarter, could finish in one year.

Course Formats

Business Fundamentals will be offered online, while the Sofia Core and Concentration Electives are offered on-campus or hybrid. On-Campus classes will be scheduled for evenings and weekends to accommodate working professionals.

A 100% online program is being considered for a Fall 2018 start or sooner, which would give students even greater flexibility – students interested in this option should inquire with the admissions office.

Curriculum (54 Quarter Units Total)

The Sofia MBA Core (14 Units)

  • Intro to Transpersonal Psychology (3 Units)
  • Self Cultivation and Interpersonal Impact (3 Units)
  • Integral Decision Science (4 Units)
  • Mindfulness in Organizations (4 Units)

Cornerstone Projects (6 Units)

  • One to three projects, minimum 2 units each

Business Fundamentals (18 Units)

  • Organizations (2 Units)
  • Economic Analysis (2 Units)
  • Business Communications (2 Units)
  • Data & Decisions (2 Units)
  • Accounting (2 Units)
  • Operations (2 Units)
  • Strategy (2 Units)
  • Marketing (2 Units)

Concentrations and Electives (16 Units)

Students have considerable flexibility to define their own concentrations with approval of their advisors, by selecting from the following electives and possibly other courses offered by Sofia in our Computer Science and Transpersonal Psychology programs. For example, students might choose to concentrate in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Strategy, or Technology and Innovation Management.

  • Behavioral Strategy
  • Technology Entrepreneurship
  • Global Operations Management
  • Transpersonal Strategy
  • Decision Coaching
  • Frame Analysis
  • Service Science
  • Design Cognition
  • Quantitative Methods for Data Driven Decision Making
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Spirituality in the Workplace
  • Critical Hermeneutics for Leaders & Managers
  • Transpersonal Leadership
  • Consulting/Counseling Business Management
  • Transpersonal Finance