Dear Prospective Student – This program has been placed on pause due to low interest. However, if you have a serious interest in participating in this program, please complete this survey so that we may determine interest level to bring this program back. Thank you so much!

Hybrid: Face-to-Face/Online Program

…at a pivotal intersection where you feel life should have more purpose?

…in search of a new kind of work, wanting to enhance your career while finding a deeper sense of meaning?

…called to explore your deepest inner longings, even those you can’t quite name?

We are calling in those interested in a women-centered program who would like to be part of a close, diverse learning community.  This hybrid online/face-to-face program gives you a chance to identify and pursue your passions through guided exploration and scholarly research.  It also offers the opportunity to locate and create the sacred arts that already live in you, in classes from creative writing to drumming, from visual arts to embodied movement and ritual creation.

Sofia University’s Master of Arts in Women’s Spirituality is a two-year women-centered program which meets online throughout the academic year except for three week-long, in-person sessions held on our campus in September, January and May. Transformative learning is our foundation; our graduates use this learning as a catalyst for change in themselves, their communities, and the world.

What can you do with this degree?

Since entering the Women’s Spirituality program, our students have been prolific in a variety of roles across the country, and internationally.  About 25% go on to become teachers or continue their education.  Our alums have:

  • Become published authors and developed careers teaching their own work
  • Found work as community college and university lecturers and professors; K-12 teachers; tutors
  • Continued their academic careers by entering M.F.A. or Ph.D. programs in fields such as psychology, education, and humanities;
  • Become spiritual leaders, often with additional education such as M.Div. or priestessing training programs
  • Continued training to become licensed therapists, social workers, coaches, and spiritual guides
  • Started their own profitable businesses in the healing arts
  • Become committed feminist activists, creating positive change and awareness in their own communities and beyond
  • Started, continued or expanded careers (with additional training) as nurses and midwives/doulas, birth educators, social workers, licensed therapists
  • Become successful visual artists, playwrights, musicians and performance artists

The curriculum will help you explore women’s roles in pre-history and history, spiritual and religious leadership, women’s work in healing and creating positive social change as well as the ritual, literary, social and artistic contributions of women. All courses are presented in small graduate seminars and online, using a permeable cohort model.

A completed thesis or creative thesis project serves as the culmination of your studies. You will participate in a 60-hour community service practicum. The practicum is intended to enrich your thesis research work and model a spiritually grounded approach to scholarship and social change.

Designed for busy people, most of whom have jobs and family obligations, the program entails a one-week residency in September, January and May, with all other coursework taught in a highly interactive online environment.

Creative Expression is available as an optional additional specialization that can be completed in your second year.

Students may also pursue a Spiritual Guidance specialization; this path entails a three-year program in which students take courses from both the MAWS and MASG programs. For details, please write to

We invite you to visit a class during one of the residencies to witness our collaborative educational model where students share the same core classes throughout the program and build a supportive learning community.

Program Prerequisites

  • Bachelor’s degree with a minimum 3.0 GPA from an accredited college or university

Photo of Jovelyn Richards, WSMA alum