Why Attend The Seminar?

Successful completion of the seminar is a prerequisite for entering the first year of study in the master degree program as well as the Certificate in Transpersonal Studies program because courses begin at the seminar. In addition, attendance at the seminars provides students with opportunities to get to know classmates, faculty and staff, and to learn about key aspects of the program.

Presentations by transpersonal speakers are interspersed with meditation, movement, body awareness processes, group interaction, creative expression, and ritual. Seminars take place at retreat centers in Northern California as we find these environments deeply representative of our transpersonal education.



Dates: Friday, 9/22/2017 – Wednesday, 9/27/2017.

Location:  Jesuit Retreat Center Los Altos, CA

300 Manresa Way, Los Altos, CA 94022

 Download the brochure! Weaving Our Unique Stories – rev

In order to receive the seminar course unit, you need to register for the course through your student portal or registrar’s office.

About the Seminar - Weaving Our Unique Stories: Finding the Threads that Connect our Narratives 

Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 8.42.56 AMTHE INVITATION

In today’s world where perceptions are so divided, we are invited to consider two intentional practices. The first practice is to discover our authentic voice, our unique way of being that emerges from our stories, informs our lives and has made us who we are today. The

second practice is to honor and appreciate each other’s personal journeys, perspectives, and worldviews and to hold these close to our hearts with respect and compassion. Our invitation is to weave these sacred stories together and to find the common threads that connect us to one another so that together we can move humanity forward with dignity and grace.

This seminar will focus on the practice of listening deeply to one another and transcending differences. Kelly Yi will get us started with a contemplative retreat on mindfulness and embodiment. Our Sofia community will share stories and teachings related to this theme as we weave our university tapestry and discover how together we can be a strong voice for peace and well-being in the world. Finally, Paul Heussenstamm, will close the seminar through the power of personal and group mandala.

Come to the seminar meet your classmates, faculty, and staff who contribute to the ITP/Sofia community and its ideals. Experience what makes Sofia a unique place where the epistemologies of our hearts and intellect are embraced, embodied, and held with equal importance.