Psychology and Computer Science are enjoying a growing interdisciplinary relationship. Psychological concepts are important in designing effective user interfaces for software/hardware, for understanding and working with artificial intelligence, and in determining modes of computation. Careers for students with these skills include software and hardware design, robotics, medical technology, bio- and psychometrics, evaluation and rehabilitation, artificial intelligence systems, and research.

Psychology and Computer Science is an interdepartmental major designed for students interested in integrating work in these two fields. Each area provides tools and theories that can be applied to problems in the other. Examples of this interaction include cognitive science, artificial intelligence, and biological perception.

This combined program allows students to combine their interests in psychology and computer science. Although students in this combined program are considered to be equally part of both Computer Science and Psychology, their “home” department will be Psychology.

Students enrolled in Psychology and Computer Science combined degree, must make sure they have met the pre-requisite requirements of both programs, upon time of admissions, or declaration of combined program.

  • Students with computer science background: Must take up to 9 more units in Psychology. (Additional courses will be determined by the Program Chair)
  • Students with Psychology background: Must take all the Pre-Operational courses required for Computer Science within their first year and before they are able to take any other Computer Science courses.

Each program requirement is listed below:

3 Required Core = 9 units
11 Elective courses = 33 units
3 units of internship = 3 units

Computer Science:
4 Required Core = 12 units
13 Elective courses = 39 units
3 units of internship = 3 units

In order for students to graduate with a combined degree, they must fulfill both requirements from both majors.
Students enrolled in the combined degree, will be charged on per-unit basis. Full-time students, must be enrolled for 9 units each quarter.

For more information about the psychology program visit: Master of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology

For more information about the computer science program visit: Master of Science in Computer Science