Who Can Apply?

The Creative Expression Certificate can be obtained regardless of academic program. However, it is available only to matriculating students from across various programs (MBA, PHD, MATP. MSCS, MACP) who integrate creative expression into their academic studies, graduates of Sofia University/ITP with a Master’s or PhD degree, or to students holding a Master’s degree or PhD from another academic institution.  Download the CEC Brochure

If you would like to take the creative expression certificate without enrolling in a masters degree program, please click on  the Stand Alone Certificate in Creative Expression: GMATP Pathway


The Creative Expression Certificate (CEC) provides students the opportunity to use coursework across Sofia University programs to receive a professional application certification. The (CEC) offers exciting pathways of study regarding theories and practices of creative expression, creative process, multimodal creative expression and the “creative connection.” The 18-19unit certificate includes a practicum and provides the necessary educational groundwork to contribute to student ability to use the expressive arts in their profession. This may also assist in obtaining credentials for various professional organizations in the expressive arts. Students need to check with each organization for the qualifying requirements as they change over time.

Creative expression is a powerful transpersonal vehicle for growth, healing and wellness even as it contributes to a growing body of professional applications such as leadership, global communication, mediation, innovation, business practices, healthcare, education, spiritual disciplines, research, entrepreneurship, and clinical work to name a few. In recent years, creativity is recognized more and more as an extremely valuable ingredient across the spectrum of employment opportunities. And, trained practitioners are needed, particularly with a transpersonal understanding. In earning this certificate, students will enter a variety of professions with a new way to facilitate change and manifest what it means to be a professional.

Sofia University delivers coursework through a transformative educational style, one which models whole person education encouraging discernment, respect, compassion, appreciation of differences, accessing various ways of knowing, and recognition of the interconnectedness of all beings. Our courses are designed and taught by educators who value the integration of spirit, body and mind and who appreciate diverse perspectives and multiple ways of learning. They are grounded in transformative and transpersonal learning.

Certificate Goals

  • Provide students with the theories and practices of using creative expression and exploration with a multimodal approach for a variety of purposes.
  • Prepare students to apply theories of creative expression and creative process and practices in their professional lives.
  • Provide opportunities for students to enter into practicums that explore, support and deepen their creative expression professional application, while also enhancing their imaginative and innovative capacities.
  • Provide education and experiences in a way that invites reflection and embodiment of their learning while facilitating creative expression and process integration into their professional lives.
  • Encourage students to appreciate their own ways of knowing through their creative process, and to recognize and honor the diversity in other’s ways of knowing.
  • Provide modeling regarding creative expression and process witnessing and response.
  • Encourage and support each student’s path of professional application in their community or the world at large.


Entry and Award

This is a primarily a certificate for Sofia enrolled students or alumni of Sofia University. It is a post bachelor degree program and students are qualified to receive the certificate upon being awarded a Master’s or PhD degree from Sofia University. Students will achieve entrance into this creative expression certificate possibility via different paths.

Students who are not enrolled at Sofia University or who are not graduates of a Sofia University academic program may still seek to obtain the CEC but enter through a Sofia University academic certificate or specialization program. Those seeking this entry point will navigate through a short admissions process, be interviewed by the Chair of the program they are interested in, and succeed in the required courses.

Upon successful completion of the certificate coursework, and with the approval of the Department Chair, a Creative Expression Certificate will be awarded to the student, which will recognize their area of study.


Each academic degree program has its own offerings for students from which to select; there is also an opportunity in many cases for CEC students to select courses from a Sofia program outside of their degree program. For example, electives are cross-listed as are creativity courses within clinical programs (MACP & PSYD only) at this time. There is potential for students in the MATP and PHD to have some cross-listed creativity courses as well.  For specific course offerings, please see the CEC Guidelines January 10 2017 Revision

Course Theme:
Short course orientation (see CEC Guidelines January 10 2017 Revision

  • Foundational Creative Process Experiential Courses 5.0-6.0 units
  • Creative Expression Electives 9.0 units
  • Professional Practicum (focus creative expression) 3.0 units
  • Showcase Portfolio 1.0 units
  • Closing Gathering (online) see CEC Guidelines January 10 2017 Revision for more information

CEC requires 18-19.0 units

Note: The CEC does not meet licensing requirements for clinical work. Rather, it supports the integration of creative expression into the therapeutic setting for those who already have a clinical degree and license. 

Please contact your Department Chair to learn more about adding this certificate to your degree.

Enrollment Contacts
• For General question about admissions please email Admissions@sofia.edu
• If you are a graduate of Sofia University with a Master’s or PhD degree awarded within the last five years, or if have a Master’s degree or PhD from another academic institution please contact Admissions@sofia.edu or the Chair of the academic program, specialization or certificate you wish to apply.

Rogers, N. (1993). The creative connection. Expressive arts as healing. Palo Alto, CA: Science & Behavior Books. Inc.