The Certificate in Spiritual Psychology is a 3-6 quarter, 19 unit program that allows qualified students to enhance their knowledge of spiritual psychology and blend it into their existing professional circumstances.

The Certificate in Spiritual Psychology:

  • Provides a general background in the theories and practices of spiritual psychology.
  • Provides opportunities for students to cultivate and practice transpersonal qualities in the outer world.
  • Prepares students to apply theories, principles and practices of spiritual psychology in their professional lives.
  • Guides students to deepen and build upon their understanding of spiritual psychology.
  • Provides experiences for students to embody their learning about spiritual psychology using multiple ways of knowing.
  • Encourages students to appreciate and embrace world wisdom approaches, diversity, and ecological consciousness within the field of spiritual psychology.
  • Supports students’ journey toward professional leadership in spiritual psychology in service to the broader community.

Admissions Requirements: Students applying for this certificate must go through the formal admissions process. Eligible students may apply for advancement into the Global Master’s Program upon completion of the Certificate. Please contact the Admissions Office for further details.

Course Requirements – 19 Total units

  • Spiritual Development Across the Lifespan (3.0)
  • Self-Cultivation (3.0)
  • Ways of Knowing (3.0)
  • Spiritual Practice Class: Choose One (3.0)
    • Eco-Spirituality
    • Contemplative Mind
    • Transpersonal Approaches to Dreams and Dreaming
  • Professional Specialization Practicum I & II (3.0)
  • Elective Choice: (3.0)
    • Transpersonal Approaches to Dreams and Dreaming
    • Creative and Conscious Aging
    • Ecopsychology
    • Sustainability, Culture, and Sacred Ecology
  • Showcase Portfolio (1.0)

Certificate Awarded: Upon completion of the coaching assessment, students receive a Certificate in Spiritual Psychology