Sofia University offers the unique opportunity for community members to take part in an educationally-enriching program without having to pursue a full degree.

School of Technology and Engineering

Global Master’s of Arts in Transpersonal Psychology Stand-Alone Certificate Options

The G-MATP program offers the following stand-alone certificate programs. These are also offered as part of the academic degree program.

Admissions Requirements: Admission to the G-MATP Stand-Alone, non-degree certificate programs is based on academic performance, resonance to the field, appropriate academic background, and spiritual maturity. Students entering stand-alone certificate programs must:

      • Have a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, spirituality, human development, education, or related field.
      • Formally apply for admissions.
      • Alumni may return without the formal admissions process but must have Chair permission.

The admissions process requires:

      • Transcript
      • Letter of Application
      • Goal Statement
      • Letter of recommendation
      • An interview
      • Approval of the program Chair

Financial Aid. Non-degree certificate programs do not qualify for financial aid.


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